Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Torchlight Parade at Bridger Bowl! Happy 08!

HOW FUN IS THIS? It was like the opening ceremonies of the Olympics. I kid you not. I get all excited when I get happy, and all I could think of was "Don't Cry In The Bumps!"

We got all dressed up in our warmest gear, I wore FOUR pairs of pants, and NINE layers on the top. And I wasn't cold. We all hopped on the lift, in the DARK and rode up to the top of Deer Park, where we skid on the rocks and picked our way down into the torches that Dave and Michael had placed earlier in the day. We had our safety talk from Faye and Randy on how to light our flares and ski with them without lighting ourselves on fire and letting the flares go out.

This was so fun. I told Shannon I had to chill out quick because I was SO excited. So we get up there, and we get the call, and light our flares, and then everyone skid down into a big semi circle, and we all followed Faye down the bump run, in the dark, with no poles, with something thats on fire.

Of course ahead of me, Shannon is making fun little turns, having a blast, and Josh isn't even looking where he's going because his torch went out and he's borrowed one from the girl in front of him and trying to re light his!

We skid down in this huge serpentine with our torches lit, and as we crested the hill at the top of Virginia City and this HUGE roar went up from everyone at the lodge, and we skid up and doused our torches and skid through the crowd of kids who all wanted to high five us. We stopped for a second to look at the big 08 we had left up on the hill, and Dave and Michael will just TICKLED at how beautifully it came out.

All in all, it was amazing and it made me SO eager for Interski!! Happy New Year!

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