Tuesday, March 11, 2008

In Salt Lake!

Hey there! Alisa, Shannon and I are in Salt Lake City, getting Alisa's boots canted to undo her massive knock knee issue. We skied today at Snowbird, and although Shannon had to stay in the hotel (she has the ick), Alisa and I ROCKED it with four hours of side slips with a turn in a corridor. Yes, indeedy do, we are that insane.

It was actually VERY cool, because Lis worked on getting her skis to move simultaneously and on finishing her turns, and WOWIE the picture is different! Taking the turn apart that miniutely was amazing, for me as well, and it set us up to ski our buns off when we got Rob in the afternoon.

Lucky for us, we got him all to ourselves! (Well, this very cool guy, Greyson, a race coach and Atomic rep was there as well). Rob gave me HUGE help in the bumps (whitepass turns in the bumps anyone?) and we are going to ski with him again tomorrow. Shan is gonna make it out on the hill as well, and I am going to pretend that I DIDN"T catch her cold. Rock on!!

Photos of Alisa's boot fitting, Shannon on the Rocker Board, and client pics and photos coming soon, thanks for your patience!!!

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