Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Level 3 tomorrow!!

Wow, that went fast! Tomorrow is my Level 3 exam at Big Sky. I have been fortunate enough to have had the most incredible week possible leading up to this, taking the two with Steve and Greg as examiners, then teaching a full day at Bridger with one client, so I got to really focus on MA for him, and then the last two days, I have been skiing with Squatty (the trainer of DOOOOOoooom from Aspen) while he coached Epic Ski. It was just what I needed, two days with someone who really believes in me, who coaches so simply and beautifully, and tells me immediately "That ain't it" if it ain't.

I finally feel happy, confident and totally prepared for this exam. The nice thing about that is, if what i have is enough, I'll pass. If not, WOW, its been a great year.

On that note, it took a LOT of people to take someone who couldn't even SKI last February to being a viable candidate for the three this year, and I just want to say thank you so much for your love, time, confidence, faith, tolerance, and belief in me. I wanted to make a little slide show of everyone's face, but It's almost 11 and I have to be on the snow at 8 for Wedge Christie practice!!

SO: in no particular order, thank you, thank you, thank you!

Tom, Ethan and Bodhi
Bridger Bowl Ski School office staff (Sonjia, Lorie and Peggy... wow...)
Bonnie Hickey
All the people who took my shifts while I was traveling training (wow, its a long list, and thank you!!!!)
Michael Hickey
Josh Spuhler
Shannon Griffen
Megan Harvey
Rob Sogard
Katie Fry
Reilly McGlashen
Steve Hill
Bob Barnes
Weems Westfeld
Mermer Blakesly
The crew at Lost Trail!! (Josh! and Josh's MOM!)
Doug Monger
Jeff Abelain
Rick Wollum
Ric Belvans
Dave Casto
Karen Kirk
Alissa Eliot
Jeff Abelin
Doug Monger
Randy Wall
Neil Lande
Alex Sweeny
Ben Roberts
The gang at the PSIA Progression Session at Hood
Beth Howe
Anita Gat
Liat Gat
Jill Imsand
Dr. Backer
Dr. Litel
Big Sky (Troy!) thanks for the ticket exchange for full cert and full time, that's been really helpful!!

The list is just growing and growing in my head and its getting later and later... So I am off to bed now, and more thank yous tomorrow, but whatever happens,

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