Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Thank YOU!

I fell down a rabbit hole. I kid you not. Thank you SQUATTY for becoming a coach for me, sponsoring me, and taking my skiing to the next level! Thank you WEEMS for your love and support and the great book and DVD, thank you MEGAN for your insane energy, your friendship and having me over, you make me want to be BETTER! Thank you BETH and MOM for helping me get to ASPEN, because of your generous support, I managed to pick up some coaching clients, got to share my talk, and got SPONSORED! (Not to mention that I had an incredible time with good friends, dinner, concerts, skiing sick powder...)

Thank you NEIL for coming with and putting up with me (Kate: "Neil, does my sweater look okay?" Neil: "I don't understand the question, its not Patagonia.") Thank you GEORGIE (and your little parasite), KATIE, DENNIS, KURT, and MEGAN for a SUPER fun day skiing on Friday...

Thank you MIKE and SQUATTY for the tickets, we couldn't have come without them...

Thank you ASPEN! MY GOD its hard to leave that beautiful beautiful town. Main St. Bakery, you are OFF THE HOOK!

Thank you KURT for days of brilliant skiing, and fun times out dancing... see you all in a few days at Academy! For now, its off to Chico Hot Springs with the kiddos.

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