Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Right back AT YA!

The week in Aspen was, of course, amazing. Here is one little gem that I wanted to share with you: I had the undeniable privilege of working with Kurt Fehrenbach for two and a half days while I was in Aspen. He came to my performance talk, and then... he used it on me while working with me! YES! HOW COOL IS THAT? I got to coach myself through the eyes of an amazing coach (if that makes sense.) Sometimes I have a hard time taking my wins when I get rocked hard, and Kurt made me ski this little transition over and over again that just scared the piss out of me. And every time, he skied by me and said "That's a win! It was better this time!" And, of course, I immediately felt a huge boost, I felt proud and happy for how well I had done, rather than belaboring the fact that I want to do it perfectly. A great GREAT reminder of how positivity works to build positive results. Thanks, Kurt!

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