Friday, April 4, 2008

On my way to day two of Level 3!

Well, it is, in a word, intense. But FUN! The morning yesterday was very stressful, I worried that I would for some reason not be able to ski the way I have been skiing for the last month or so, so I was tentative. And I wanted so badly to show that i was coach-able that I was focusing so hard on what they asked me to do and the big question mark in my head of whether I coud do it or not!!

Same problem I used to have with big jumps. I landed this five hundred times. What if they were flukes? So Sweeny starts singing to me... "Don't stop, believin'..." Thanks, Alex!!

Physician, heal thy self!! Ahhhh!

Guess who fixed me? I ran into Mermer Blakesly at lunch. She asked how it was going and spent about ten minutes with me. WOW, what a woman. Yeah, that actually helped quite a bit... and I saw Steve Hill, who gave me some great encouragement, and Squatty called, ahh... all better. Charged it after lunch, something just let go and I didn't wonder any more, I know I ski like this, its fun, its how I like to ski!

So I was more Kate after lunch, and we went and got on the steeps, which made me VERY happy, and then I taught there! I did carving in steep crud. Yes. I enjoyed the teaching segment, and had a blast for the rest of the day.

TODAY, I have to school my hands, and show that my one ski maneuvers are solid, they were sketchy at best yesterday. SUCK IT UP AND SKI kate!!

I'll post to Twitter between 4 and 9 tonight with updates, it takes a while to get your score. keep your fingers crossed!!

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