Sunday, July 6, 2008

Wherein Amanda Climbs Her First Mountain

Greetings from the saddle at Sacajawea peak!

This was a mobile post from the top of the Bridger Ridge. As we were about 1/2 way up Sacajawea, the highest peak in the Bridger range, I found out that Amanda has never climbed a mountain before.


Are you kidding me??!!! Welcome to Montana, honey, let's go HIKING! Sacajawea is a challenging, steep, scree filled hike, and the trail JUST opened up, and most of it is still covered with snow.

To gain the ridge and try for the summit of this little 9,660' peak, we had to put in a bootpack in our tennies. And she was game. She was hardly even breathing hard.

I was a bit worried about the ride back down the snowfield, but the plan was for her to slide on her pack or jacket and have a good time. I decided to glissade back down on my feet. I got about 1/2 way down and turned around to see how she was doing... and she was glissading down the same way!! She was on her feet, turning her legs under her in an amazing simile of parallel skiing.

I am telling you, this is one tough chick who was born to be in the mountains. She has no idea how strong she is, hiking up Kirk hill to the fire road one day and Sac on another, facing things that would freak most people out (and exposed, sliding scree field, anyone?)and just walking on by.

We had a lovely snack at the top, but due to loosing light decided to truck back down and get outa dodge. We left the actual summit of Sac for later this week, but I'm bringin' my skis!!!

Amanda Glissades Sac, originally uploaded by KateHowe.

Amanda, who has never climbed up a mountain before, goes on her second hike, to the ridge of the Bridger range, and then Glissades down the snow field in her tennis shoes!

This chick is gonna RIP on skis!!

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