Tuesday, July 15, 2008

HardHead T-Shirts are HERE!

My favorite t-shirt in the world when I was a kid was Go Climb a Rock. I got it in Yosemite when I was seven (1978!) Ever since I started writing this blog I've been sketching t-shirt ideas, as a way to help raise money to travel to training opportunities. I am also planing to give a portion of the proceeds of the "I Am" t-shirts to the cause of the choice of the individual named on the shirt.

It all came together watching Steep, and then reading Annapurna by Maurice Herzog. I was out running down Leverich Canyon, and I realized that one of the things I do when I want to ask myself to go harder, or further, is call up in my mind the will and determination of someone who inspires me! Its like Rent-A-Will.

I try to channel that piece of that person, tap into the thing that made them strong, and know that I can do more. These t-shirts are thank you's to the people that have paved the way before me, teaching me so much every day about what is possible. I have emailed Mr. Herzog, and several other people, Bill Briggs, Stephano De Bennedetti, Lynne Hill and John Long, along with some others, to get their permission to sell t-shirts with their names on them. I'll keep you posted!!

Thanks for looking, and in the next few days, keep your eyes peeled, there's LOTS more coming! If YOU have a favorite inspirational hero, send me a blurb and I'll consider it for a HardHead T-shirt!

PS. There are several colors to choose from, in both Men's and Women's t's, so visit the store and click away!

Thanks for asking! Here's the text that would be on the Maurice Herzog shirt:

in 1950, maurice was the first man to climb Annapurna, the first 8000m. peak ever summited. the expedition spent three months climbing several peaks over 7000m just looking for Annapurna. after climbing and summiting nearly every day for months, they climbed a totally unexplored mountain and achieved the summit. the descent is one of the most dangerous and harrowing accounts in mountaineering history. maurice dictated it from his hospital bed in paris.

i can see my goal. i can go farther.
i am maurice.

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