Monday, July 14, 2008

July Find Your Bliss Day: Send me a pic of you doin' your thing.

So I was hiking along tonight, watching the sunset, and feeling so freakin' happy to be outside, getting some exercise, feeling my body move and climb, and I thought of a bunch of people who read this blog, Cindy Lou, and Liat, and Stacey, and Jill, Amanda and Angela in particular... And I thought, its SO cool that everyone is outside hiking and skiing and cycling and knitting, and just, finding their bliss!

SO, here's the plan! July 31 will be my first monthly Find Your Bliss photo posting! Send me a pic of you no later than July 29, and a short blurb on what you are doing, and why it is blissful to you, and I'll post em! The blissiest blisser will get a free HardHead T-Shirt of their choice! (They are so cool, I'm so very very excited about them...)

Here are some blissful guidelines: you need to be outside, you need to be doing something for you, that something needs to feel like it is refilling your "emotional vessel". That's it!

Here are some pics that I might submit for this: This is the day that Liat and I went to visit the Spiral Jetty, my most favorite piece of sculpture in the world. Its in the Great Salt Lake, and the water turns rose colored when the sun sets. It was a beautiful, blissful day!

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