Thursday, May 7, 2009

Never give up on your dream! DJ Gregory inspires.

My coach Michael Hickey sent me this. It is absolutely inspiring, and so very timely. I found myself, as I was watching it, identifying with this man, DJ Gregory, so very much, and at the same time, realizing just how easy I have it.

I know that if I don't loose sight of my goal, if I stay committed, if I put all of my energy toward it, I will be a viable candidate at the tryouts in 1090 days. (Whether or not i make it through the first ski cut or to the teaching segment or onto the team is another question...). My question all year long has been, but at what cost?

Right now, my body is in a lot of pain. My finances are really hurting. My family is in a tight spot with the scary move coming up.

But I watch this video and I think, these are obstacles on the path that are there to train me into a stronger, more compassionate, more committed person. I can do it. And each trial is there to serve a purpose in my life, to teach me to be better, better organized, a better friend, a better mom, a better coach, a better teacher, a better partner, a better skier, better in the back country, better with a map, better at facing challenges, better at meeting obligations, better at living with transparency, consistency, integrity and humility.

Thanks for sending it, Michael!

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