Saturday, May 9, 2009

POC records the highest growth rate in Swedish sports industry (5/5/2009)

According to the Swedish sports industry magazine Sportfack, the protective gear company POC had the highest growth rate in the Swedish sports industry in 2008/2009. In an otherwise contracting
market, POC grew 110%.

Read the full article at and the follow up article about POC aiming for a billion kronor in sales.

“Since our humble beginnings in 2004 we have had fantastic growth every year. The rapid expansion continues as we move into 2009/2010 and we are happy to see that the growth of the company’s 25 markets is more or less the same. The winter pre-orders are up by 65% compared to last year. For the coming season we are producing close to 70 thousand ski helmets. A number that has grown from 2, 10, 15, 35 and now 70 thousand. Our first bike collection, launched to the consumer market a month ago was sold out before it arrived in stores.
We are also very pleased that our newly opened flagship store in Chamonix has been well received by the market, with sales 35% higher than we expected.

We have been fortunate to be rewarded 8 prestigious international design awards in the last 3 months, and our contracted athletes continue to perform extremely well, winning gold medals in X-Games, the World Championships, Nissan World Tour and World Cups. All in all these aspects reinforce our market visibility and sales.

We are particularly glad to show such strength in the current jittery market conditions and although humble about the challenges ahead, we look forward to next season with confidence. “ Stefan Ytterborn CEO and Founder of POC

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