Monday, May 18, 2009

Perspective on the move to Aspen

So this is why we have a support group of great friends! Thanks for your emails and support, guys. After talking it through with my sister and with Tom and some friends in Aspen, and sleeping on it, I feel much better.

I think some of my frustration was coming from an afraid place, and now I don't feel quite as owned by that emotion.

Right now in Bozeman, I have a private practice with my massage therapy business, and I'm enjoying that freedom, but I do think that while one day I'd like to have a private practice again, in moving to Aspen, I will start at a spa so I don't have to worry about starting a business and all the associated expenses and extra rent.

I was going back and forth between this and trying to find a small space to start a private practice in, or working out of my apartment, wherever that ends up being, but while I'm gonna keep daydreaming about the wellness center I'd love to open one day, I'm not gonna spend a lot of energy (other than positive, dreaming energy) in that direction right now.

Baby steps and Patience! Don't Panic!

Looks like we are going to be just fine...

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