Sunday, June 21, 2009

I am Ethan, the Daredevil Kid!

Ethan decided today that he wants to go off jumps on his bike. Not sure where that came from, maybe its from watching this:

But here he is, riding off his very first jump. First, we put the board down in the grass so he could practice riding the length of it in the middle without falling off. Once he could do that, he knew he could stay in the center of the jump.

I went off it first, and it was scary! But he knew he needed to take it with speed, and he did, riding off it clean three times. Now they are building a bigger jump.

As he was dragging the other tire ramp across the lawn, he said, "I am Ethan! Dare Devil Kid!"

I love it! And I love the ultimate focus on his face. Very nice!

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