Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Skier's Edge QS5 Upgrade is IN!

All New QS5 machine

The new QS5 Upgrade came! I wasn't sure how this upgrade would affect the machine, my though, honestly was, its already such a smooth ride, how big of a difference can it really make? Consiquently, I didn't install the upgrade until this weekend... and it's awesome!

The ride is smoother, quieter, and, most importantly, the minute muscular adjustments that you do that "transfer to the ski" are now transferring to the platform, just like having a really excellent binding system. It feels like there is significantly less delay in energy transmission from the feet and legs to the machine, and therefore, it feels EVEN MORE like skiing on really high end equipment!

Let me just say thank goodness for this machine again, its been a crazy two weeks, and I've only gotten outside to exercise three times, with only one really good training hike. If it wasn't for this machine, I'd be loosing muscle mass and impetus on my training program at an alarming rate, but because this thing is sitting in the playroom, I don't feel like I've fallen out of training at all!

Here's the official verbage on the upgrade from the Skier's Edge company:

The QS5 is one of the most significant advancements in the 20-year history of the Skier’s Edge.

The QS5 was a design challenge with 2 objectives. Create the smoothest and quietest Skier’s Edge ever, and make it so earlier machines could be upgraded to this state-of-the-art performance. It’s an engineering masterpiece!

The QS5 feels like skiing 5 inches of new powder on a corduroy base, so quiet you can hear your heartbeat, so smooth you won’t want to stop. Dramatically improve your skiing in just one season and get into great, year-round shape with your Skier’s Edge. You can do it - this season!

The QS5 is available for all three frame heights. The Classic Series, Big Mountain Series and the World Cup Plyometric Power Series.

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