Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Here is one more bit of truth for you. When I get this far off track, I get scared that I'll never get back on track. I hear the tiny voices of doubt from my past, that say, hey, you were fat and out of shape once, that's where you are headed again.

The trick to getting through this fear for me, to staying committed to what is important to me, is to have a little grace and compassion for myself. Every MOMENT is a new moment to begin again.

Letting go of the past, even the past that was only five minutes ago and moving toward a positive future is all I can ask myself to do. And the culmination of those moments of strong, positive choice adds up to a strong body that can climb and ski.

And now, I settle in to write one more post, and then lace up my shoes, drink some water, and walk around in the forest, which makes me feel better on so many levels.

A good choice for fitness, some time alone in nature where things make sense, a re commitment (for the fifth time today) to caring for my body and mind. Reaching for balance and sanity in the midst of uncertainty. Then moving from a peaceful place.

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