Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Solace Healing Massage is transferred to Aimee Higgens!

Well, its almost time to say Goodbye to Bozeman! I have found an amazing talent to take over my business at Tonic Salon, the (very reliable) and talented Aimee Higgens will be taking over Solace for me starting... tomorrow!

I will be giving massage for the next two weeks on a limited basis, as I am turning my focus to packing for the move and finding a place to live. I also need to study for and take the National Exam and the Colorado State Boards so I can work at the Aspen Club and Spa and the St. Regis when I get there!

That little push from my readers helped me over the hump, thanks for the donation love, guys, aside from a nasty bout with the Swine Flu this weekend, I'm moving forward fast, it feels like my wheels are unstuck and I'm heading down my path at a steady clip.

Oct. 24 isn't so far away! (But should I stay for Halloween with my kids? EEK! I've never missed it yet...)

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