Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Karin Chekidra

I was thinking all night about what it was like to pain the amazing Karin, so I dug up two pieces I did of her. They both took about two and a half hours, she is so easy to paint, looking at her, the color mixes itself. I always felt as I was painting her that her energy was making the painting and I was just watching. What a beautiful muse. I miss working with her, I know her adventure is just getting grander!

You can also find her in some of my mentor's work, Mark Strickland.

Karin just sent me this last picture of my studio... the painting of the new mama nursing was one of my favorites but was completely destroyed in the fire, along with more than 40 other pieces.

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Jongira said...

Hey Kate, I'm not surprised that you celebrate the model (other) more than yourself (artist)... but the synergy between you suffices. First I've heard of the fire -- what a loss! I'm about to consign to the garbage collector my files of lighting designs (I don't know why I've kept them so long, nothing is more dead than past designs - *wry chuckle*). Major congrats on transversing the slackline! - Rgds, J