Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Goodbye, aches, pains and drama!

Alright. Here's the deal. I like my blog to be a true to life diary of my journey. But I'm over the drama. Its true, things have been tough, but I feel like I am turning a corner, and its time to shift gears and focus.

I've been working to get my training schedule nailed down, its amazing how many exciting clinics there are, and I'm makin' sure that I've got the time blocked out and that I know what's coming when this year!

I'm getting injections in my neck on Friday, which hopefully will relieve some pain. I'm back getting massage work, which helps a TON. I've been faithfully going to yoga, and the more I go, the stronger I get, and the better my body feels.

Its almost ski season. I'm amped and psyched to play with my friends and teach some grownups how to play in the snow. Its a tryout year, and I'm so excited to have an imenent goal to focus on, it charges me up and brings on the discipline.

I've been off caffeine for two weeks and refined sugar for about a week or more... (oh MAN that's hard, especially with a house full of Halloween candy...). I've cut out alchohol completely, for about three weeks now, and I'm feeling stronger and stronger every day.

AND SO, it is time to let go of the financial and physical dificulties and focus on the positive. If you have something inspiring to share about how YOU get amped up for the ski season, let me know!

16 days to go, lets get happy and go skiing!

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