Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Bring the Beast: AJ skis the bowl naked, Andrew shows us his tits. So long, Winter!

Mr. Magnificent. Closing day makes everyone feel like sharing their, uh, talents.
What is it about closing day that brings out the wild in everyone? Duct tape diapers, people skiing in onesies, wigs, tights, aprons, people skiing naked, people skiing with backpacks full of beer, the gondola smells strangely of skunk and tequila, smiles abound and inevitably the party at the base gets huge, booming, bouncing and sun burnt.

Closing day at Ajax this year was no exception, Andrew Rumph dutifully donned his spectacular onesie. All that was lacking in this outfit was a large gold chain and an Iroc parked in the Little Nell turn around with one wheel up on the sidewalk.

Skiing is generally a dress up sport anyway, a little bit like an opportunity for Halloween every day, with helmet covers from spikes to fake hair to panda bears, beading, Japanese writing, silver space suits, pleather, you name it, its out there, and its spendy.
Mr. Colorado.

But come any EXTRA excuse, Valentine's day, Spring Break, god forbid a bluebird powder day on CLOSING day, you just might get lucky enough to come across someone as dedicated as my friend AJ, Mr. Colorado. Who skied the Highlands bowl in all his glory. I suppose this would be dressing DOWN, as he had the wonderful fashion sense to go skiing in only accessories, leaving the frivolity of actual clothing for the massive dance party after the rain started falling and the deck outside the bar broke and became a wooden trampoline.

So long Colorado, see you next year...
Oh, Colorado Winter, we will MISS YOU!!

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