Sunday, June 19, 2011

It has been a month since my last...

In that time, the snow has melted, we've moved across the ranch, and spring has come full force. I've attended a Thai Massage training, and spent two weeks practicing out on the lawn by the stream. The boys have ended school and discovered their first summer of completely sleep in unstructured fun.
Bodhi enjoys our first day in the hammock.

Ive had time to get back into my Yoga practice, going twice a day to sweat, heal, and strengthen my body. I'm thinking a lot about skiing, what it means to me, what my future is in it, how I feel about tryouts, about PSIA, about what the team means to the organization, and how I can best be of service.

I'm grateful for how the summer has turned out, with some very timely help from my friends, I bridged the gap of the shoulder season, pre paid my rent, and now I have June, July and August before me to write, paint, hike, and practice.

Ethan (and mom!) attend a Live Foods "cooking" class with Rachel of Beyond Massage Aspen.
I'll be teaching meditation classes at O2 in Aspen, as well as holding meditation and yoga retreats here at the T Lazy 7.

I'll be working on some projects that needed time and space, and spending lots of time with my kids, and my love, cultivating those relationships and doing some deep examination of my path.

I feel so grateful for the time and the space to do this, I've missed my blog, but I needed the rest. Thanks for your patience, and feel free to check back here at least every Tuesday (and perhaps more often), when there will be a new blog post for your reading pleasure!

Much love!


SkiingandTheWorld said...

OO Rah!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate,
Don't know how I found your blog. Another ski nut scouring the internet for help and information. I have been reading your amazing and more amazing journey on and off for quite a while now. You have a lot of courage. I wish you the best of luck.

I am very interested in getting the "Just Good Skiing" DVD's. Do you still have them to distribute ? Please let me know at

Allen Friedman