Wednesday, September 7, 2011

This year, I am SO excited to be skiing for Tecnica/Blizzard, and today, my skis and boots came! I chose this ski specifically for tryouts, its the Blizzard 8.7 Magnum in 174 length. It has early rise and is 87 underfoot with an 18.5 m turning radius.

It seems like a long radius and a titch wide underfoot and a titch long, but I have heard great things that it skis shorter because of the early rise, and having loved the Crush for so long, which is a very pivoty ski, I'm looking forward to  getting on these babies!

Because its a tryout year, I got two of the same pair so that if I do get invited to tryouts, and I break a pair, I have a backup. This and the G-Force from last year, narrower underfoot and 1m smaller turn radius, should be the whole quiver for the tryout.

I'm in the Diablo Inferno in a 130 flex again this year for boots, I went up a size, the race fit was killing my feet, and while it transmits energy so efficiently to the ski, I like my toenails an awful lot!

Cross your fingers and here we go!!

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