Sunday, April 22, 2012

Dear Ethan and Bodhi

Thank you for being on my team. I know its hard when your mom is gone a lot, and I think it is amazing that my little men at 8 and 10 greet me with "How is the training going? Did you learn a lot?" and see me out the door with some tears, but a "Good Luck Mom!" when I leave.

Its really hard for me to be away from you as well, you are such miracles to me, and playing with you and watching you become your own amazing people is inspiring every day to me.

I love to come home and see your creations, your stories, the games you've created, and to hear how karate and theater and art is going. I'm so grateful to your dad for being there through all the homework headaches, and I'm really proud of you guys for working so hard in school. Its been really cool to get to pull you out of school because your grades are good enough that we can play together when it doesn't happen to be the weekend. That takes special kids with dedication and a good measure of support from Poppa Tom. 

I wish you guys could be here this week, we have enough room in the condo for you and dad, and you could be skiing in the sunshine while the tryout is going on. But while we are doing so much better this year, we couldn't get you three here this week.

So I can't wait to see you when I get home, and I'm really looking forward to riding bikes all summer long in Snowmass with you and watching Bodhi in the skate park.

I want to be the best mom I can be, and the best Kate I can be for you. I hope that when all this is over, the good parts shine through the tough parts, and that we can laugh over the hard bits (remember sitting on the four square feet of the carpet I vacuumed in the house I was cleaning while you played with your legos so we could buy groceries?), and be grateful for the good bits, (remember when you guys hiked the bowl and made yourselves proud? and built the Lego Mindstorm? And learned to slackline?)

I can't wait to be there for you as you tackle the tough stuff in your life, the mountains you will have to climb, in school, in love, and in work. I hope whatever path you choose, it is one that inspires you and fills you and makes you proud and happy and content. And I can't wait to be there along the way for you the way you have for me.

I miss you guys!!

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