Sunday, April 22, 2012

National Team Selection Update #2

I am sitting here listening to Kurt scrape the wax off the skis in the next room, and I can hear him laughing out loud at some funny movie he's watching.

My belly is full from tomatoes and mozzarella, and I'm just flipping through my email before I go to bed. Because in the morning, I'm going to get up and go ride an 8am tram to the top of Snowbird with 45 of the best ski instructors in the country and we are going get down to business.

In my email, I am finding these little gems from my friends and family and mentors and teachers and benefactors and I am just absolutely humbled. And grateful. We made it, you guys!

Six years later, I'm sitting here. I wondered for so many years what this would be like, what the night before would feel like, where I would be, where I would be sleeping, where would my kids be, where would my mom be, how would I have my skis in shape, where would my skiing be, would I even be here?

Would I be scared, or nervous? Would I feel in over my head, or intimidated?

I just feel grateful, honestly. (Okay, and a bit teary and weepy and kind of stunned.) I started writing this blog over 1400 days ago because I wanted to see what it took. Could an ordinary person with an ordinary amount of fitness and an ordinary family with an ordinary amount of funding do something like this?

And the answer is no.

But an ordinary person with the help and love and support and willingness to be tough and direct and hard and honest of hundreds of people can.

So thank you guys. We did it. I am so grateful to everyone who participated in my journey, the hard parts, the scary parts, the loving parts, the growth and all the rest.

The rest is gravy, but I'll make it as tasty as I can, I promise.

Love to you all,


Liat said...

Bwaaaaaa!!! {{{misty}}}

Vermont Ski said...

You look so excited. Good luck and I hope you can do it well.