Friday, April 13, 2012

Snowbird, here we come!

Well, its finally here. We are packing to go to Snowbird tomorrow. I have been writing a lot, but I haven't been posting it because one of the lessons that I have learned is that while transparency is good, its perhaps not wise to lay it all out there as we get closer. I'm learning so much about my own learning process, and I have just re affirmed that this part, the part when the time crunch is here and every kernel of understanding is key is FUN, my most favorite. I love the puzzle of continuing to push when the line gets close. I love the puzzle of staying on track and burrowing in further, I love to let go and snap my brain like a rubber band into the fun of slush skiing after concentrating all day, and I can not wait to go play in Snowbird!

The last three weeks of training have been awesomely intense, and I'm beholden to Kurt, John Fayhee, Reilly McGlashon and especially Andrew Wilson for the incredible coaching and patience with me, and the incredible dedication of their time, and to Jason Clossic, Peter C., and Cindy Lou for sticking with me, skiing with me, filming me and everyone else. And of course, Megan Harvey for freaking me out whenever possible. (She reminds me of Kato in Pink Panther.)

Its been so fun to train with the other candidates who are going from Aspen, I'm honored to be a part of the group, and I'm excited to travel to the tryouts with this great group of people who I really respect: Josh Fogg, Schanzy, Andy Docken, Jonathan Ballou, and Kevin Jordan.

And now, its time. Its different than the first time I drove to National Academy six years ago, in my busted up Bronco with one pair of AT skis and my one pair of ski pants with duct tape on them in a trash bag. (I'm not kidding.)

I wondered if I'd ever get to a place where I had my shit together in a way that felt real, consistent, efficient and professional. Hey. This year, I registered for academy in advance. I have gas money. My oil is changed. My freakin' eyebrows are waxed. My skis are tuned. (note the order of concern here...) My locker is cleaned out, my uniform returned, my clothes are in a piece of luggage with wheels that isn't held together with tape. I have a hot bag thanks to Fuxi Racing, and I feel, well, like a pro. Like the pro I wanted to become. Inspired by all those on that list up there above me. And I'm showing up in a car that runs. Again. Reliably.

Its been six years of lessons learned, and I'm in love with the journey. I can't wait to roll out of here tomorrow, its happened, my kids are 8 and 10, I am 40, I'm healthy, happy, recovered from my surgery, from all the other curve balls that have come my way this year. I've found a community of people who are in it with me, as I'm in it with them, and I'm so very grateful for all I've learned along the way.

The rest is gravy, baby.

Promise to post more from Snowbird. See ya on the flip side!


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