Sunday, April 29, 2007

Balance 360 boards are here!

I have wanted one of these for a while, it is the ultimate balance exercise. I emailed Kevin at Balance 360 and asked him if he could overnight us a couple of boards to the National Academy, and he did it! We got two skinny boards, which we took down to the bar before the technical talk.

The thing that is incredible about these boards is they roll all directions, demanding excellent balance and precision. It is an awesome core and leg workout!

It was a blast!! Everyone got on them, props to Andy Docken (American Alpine Demo Team) for being able to stay on the board the longest! We got great video of Deb Armstrong (Olympic gold medalist) and Rob Sogard (Head Coach of the Alpine Demo Team) working the board, as well as Josh Foster (Canadian Demo Team) and so many more!!

It was great fun, the demo guys were tossing the extra balls back and forth to each other whilst balancing on the boards.

Thanks for the quick work, Kevin, I probably could have sold at least 10 of these things in those two days!!

Now that I am home, Ethan and Bodhi and my husband, Tom are all working on the boards a couple times a day. Awesome. (Well, its a bit addictive...)

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