Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Training Log: April 17

Today's training consisted of: Biking on my mountain bike 14.2 miles to the Ridge Athletic Club and back (fairly easy).

At the Ridge, my trainer, Liat, and I did shoulders (Military Press, Deltoid Flys, and Rear Delt Cable Cross on the cable machine).

For triceps we did a mini circuit of triceps Pull Downs with the rope, triceps Kick Backs while standing on the bosu ball with free knee off the bench), and triceps dips on the bench.

We did all standing exercises standing on the Bosu Ball (a half inflatable ball that makes you wobble wobble wobble), the first set standing on both feet, and all sets after standing on first the left foot, then the right. With each exercise, we moved the position of the free foot, first just raised and centered, then in front, then out to the side, then behind us.

We did all our abs on the exercise ball, straight crunches, v ups, side crunches, and pikes.

We also worked Chest, and did seated chest press on the machine and incline dumbbell flys as well as flat dumbbell flys.

Tomorrow we might hike for snow!! Yeah!!

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