Sunday, October 26, 2008

Bodhi Skiing to Just Good Skiing 5

Alright, I'm sorry to those of you who subscribe to this blog via email, I know its a pain when I get in a posting mood and send five in a day. But I just really couldn't resist putting this up here.

Megan Harvey has, once again, outdone herself with her JGS series (I fell asleep to JGS 4 for a year until I started watching Steep at night), and Bodhi and Ethan are huge fans of ski movies. Bodhi has only been on skis about 3 times, and each time he has, he's stood in just the most amazing way on them, forward, flexed, parallel, its wild. We've just played on the berm at Bridger for about a half an hour and then skied the snowflake twice or so with a hula hoop.

He likes the idea, but he's freaked out a bit because a kid came into playcare and was terrified of crashing, so ever since then, Bodhi has been reluctant to get on skis. Whats funny is he draws pictures of people skiing, he does mute grabs off the sofa, and he is the kid who splits his head open on the coffee table and then puts his hand over the dripping blood and says, "I'm fine!"

I have personally glued his forehead back together with steri strips and superglue twice.

So I got JGS 5 in the mail the other (glorious) day, and popped it in, and Bodhi ran in to watch it with me. When the world cup guys came on, he started doing this, over and over again.

I thought it was pretty amazing to see him copy the form he saw on the video so well, and watching him ski in the living room (which I do a lot... a habit I picked up from Josh Spuhler who skis any time he's standing (or sitting) still), and ski pretty darn well! He's even open to the hill!


Liat said...

Wow, Bodhi! GREAT form! Beautiful!

Jo said...

check the upper body, lower body separation! Rock star in the making.