Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sneak Peek at the National Teams Tryouts Book!

I was originally just going to make a quick memory book, similar to the one I just did for Academy, so that folks who went could look through and, well, remember. But as I started making it, I started writing!

Writing about what it was like to talk to the athletes and watch what they went through, to see some of the administrative side, to talk to the selectors, the volunteers, the coaches, the incumbents, the folks who had stepped off the team and come to watch, the folks who stepped off the team and didn't come to watch, what it was like to be present during cut after cut, to feel the incredible energy on that mountain for ten days or so.

I think this one is going to be about 150 pages long, its 50 already, and it will have short interviews and thoughts on the process as I experienced it as a coach, friend, and volunteer.

Going through these photos and thinking about this experience this intensely again is incredible, I am once again grateful to everyone who allowed me to stand close and photograph the experience.

I was so busy participating in observing and in working that I didn't have time to blog while I was there in May, so I'm excited to have the chance to write about the experience... and I'm looking forward to getting some perspectives five months out.

Here are some sneak peaks at some of the ROUGH layouts. If you see XXX in the type, its because I need a name, fact, or spelling. Anywhere there is a light colored box, text will go there, the photo layout and text are kind of happening free form.

I'm dying to show you the cover, its my favorite shot I took at the tryouts... but I think I'm going to save it as a surprise for when its ALL done!!

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