Friday, October 17, 2008

Memory Book from National Academy 08 is HERE!

snowbird, utah
By 2008

I finally finished it. It's six months late, I'm sorry! But it was so very fun to make! If you went to Academy, check out the book and see if you can find your face! I had photos from myself, Cindy Lechtenberg, and Megan Harvey (of course), and next year, we'll have even more roving photos! It out it's a lot of fun to flip through. If you haven't been to an Academy, go to the preview and take a look to see what it is like!

I did not mark up the Memory book at all, so it is selling at Blurb's cost, so we can all afford one. If you really can't resist, feel free to leave a tip in the training fund.

Bring your cameras to the 2009 Academy, using this software, you can all contribute to the 2009 memory book! Thanks for taking a look and see you on the snow!

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