Thursday, October 2, 2008

Thanks for the party!

photo by Mike_Laura from Flickr Photo. This is Aspen this weekend.This past weekend, I flew out to Aspen to celebrate my birthday. I was lucky enough to find out about United's E-Fares, which are $88 one way! I took my massage table, a 50 pound bookbag full of Anatomy books to do my homework, my climbing shoes and my biking shoes, and Shannon's bike shorts.

This was supposed to be the weekend that we rode from Aspen to Crested Butte, but the weather was calling for thunderstorms, and my ability to ride that far on steep terrain was questionable, so we opted for in-town rides instead. BOY was THAT a good call!

The entire valley was exploding in color, it was truly magnificent, I couldn't believe what I was seeing as I flew in. The trees in Montana are just starting to turn, even though its been pretty cold here, so I was shocked to arrive in Aspen with the Fall Leaf viewing at its peak. How lucky am I?

For my birthday that night, a bunch of us went to Takah Sushi and gorged ourselves on dynamite shrimp, soft shell crab, yellowtail and catapillar roll. The sake was flowing, and it was terrific to see Stacey and Cindy's smiling faces. Dennis and Kurt kept pouring the beer, and the evening began! We met up with more friends at a bar in town, (I finally got to meet the famous Trip!) and then we all headed over to the Belly Up to watch a DJ spin. The music was okay, it was kinda empty for a while, but things picked up. When he hit the 80's music, I just couldn't wait anymore and I hauled Cindy Lou out on the dance floor. The girl has more moves than she thinks! Go girl!

photo by Mike_Laura from Flickr Photo. This is Aspen this weekendI was hoping to get to see Andy's Neil Diamond impression on the floor, but it wasn't to be, so Trip and I headed down for some Night at the Roxbury moves and had a blast. We took off early as I was bushed and the next day was the bike ride. It was a lovely evening, the Belly UP is one of my favorite places in Aspen, and it was really awesome to get out and DANCE! More more more! I can't wait until Ben Harper comes around again, I'd LOVE to see him in person!!

More on the bike ride shortly, now... time to study for my anatomy exam! Thanks for a terrific bday party, guys, I miss you already!!

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