Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Crap! Rear ended on the way to school. X rays now.


silverstartrading said...

Argh! Our father-in-law just got in a head-on this same day....luckily he is ok..hope you are ok as well.

Jo said...

Dah! get better. your off the hook for coffee, but I will need to see a Dr.'s note. ;) Here is to a fast recovery.

a said...

Thanks, guys. Sorry, Johnathan! I'm up at the house today just doin' homework, if you want to come up here we can go over your Triathalon performance plan today, other wise, we'll do it this weekend!

Silverstart: I hope your Father in Law is okay! Car accidents SUCK! As my friend Mason says, Cars R Coffins!!