Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Crap! Rear ended on the way to school. X rays now.


silverstartrading said...

Argh! Our father-in-law just got in a head-on this same day....luckily he is ok..hope you are ok as well.

Jonathan said...

Dah! get better. your off the hook for coffee, but I will need to see a Dr.'s note. ;) Here is to a fast recovery.

Obsessed With Excellence said...

Thanks, guys. Sorry, Johnathan! I'm up at the house today just doin' homework, if you want to come up here we can go over your Triathalon performance plan today, other wise, we'll do it this weekend!

Silverstart: I hope your Father in Law is okay! Car accidents SUCK! As my friend Mason says, Cars R Coffins!!