Monday, August 3, 2009

Welcome to Ski Season!

Okay, all yall, the lazy season is OFFICIALLY over. Sorry to burst your bubble. But its time to get fit. We have four months to get ripped, lean, strong and hydrated.

My plan, right now, is this: because I am short on time and I need to build muscle and long burning lactate threshold endurance, I'm designing a new program.

Hula Hooping! Thats right. I have my friend Leah's Gaiam Hula Hoop, and its awesome, fun, easy, and a great core and balance work out! (about 3x a day for about 15 min)

360 Balance Board, the most awesome balance and core workout, about 4x a day for about 10 min.

Skier's Edge: a total of about 20 min a day in 3-5 min incraments, working on power right now.

Low burn cardio every day, so a walk around the circle (about 3 miles), at a minimum, I do this while the kids are in the bath and Tom is watching them.

If I can get a good steep hike in, I'll take the walk around the circle and something else out.

I do sit ups, push ups, dips, and pull ups on the hang board every night, and I do dishes and laundry and anything else, including standing in the line at the grocery store, standing on one foot.

While its not ideal, its all stuff I can do at home and in spurts during the day, and its a good way to get started!

What's the time? Its time to get STRONG!!!

PS, I'm skiing the Great One off Sac on Thursday for the VIO POV ad, I'm their ski model! Yipes! Hope there's snow!

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mocean365 said...


man just read many of your posts and you write so damn well!
on the training side, if you ever get an extra $150 bucks check out the TRX suspension trainer. been using in my own and my clients workouts and it is so amazing and versatile.
plus you could use it while on road trips and your kids would dig hanging on it to?
keep ripping girl and keep writing!!
peace and love