Tuesday, January 5, 2010

reality check

So yesterday was the first day of training for those of us who are trying out of the national team in 2012. And while I know this is a very long shot and I've got a long way to go, spending four hours doing pivot slips with these guys rocked my world in a whole new way. I feel like I've been reading for three years and I'm on page two of a 22,000 page book! But I haven't lost heart. I've looked in the box and I have a deeper understanding of what I have to do. More to come. Right now I'm in my way to my guru to go rotate the crap out of my femurs and bend the ski! Now!

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Heart said...

But...are pivot slips REALLY produced by femoral rotation? If so, rotation relative to what? Is that what's really going on in this task?

Windy said...

More to the point - IF they're SO fussy about the proper stance for pivots,what is the REST of training gonna be like??