Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I'm teaching women's clinics in Aspen!

Dates to come soon! What topics would you like? Comment here or email me at kate howe (at) mac (dot) com (all one word) to help get this first round set up!

Steeps? Bumps? The Pucker Factor? Would you like one day or three? Would you like to all split a couple of condos and make your trip cheaper and more group bonding? Would you like to do things together at night?

Lets put it together!

Looking forward to skiing with you all!


1 comment:

Windy said...

I'd be SO interested in this IF you could make it affordable.. shared condos, not necessarily the best but clean.. yes, do stuff together. Yes, bumps, steeps, encouragement, whatever the weather throws at us.
When?? That is the biggie for me - cannot come if it's too soon - late March is good.. keep us all posted on this. I hope my FB buds Mindy & Christy see this!