Saturday, January 23, 2010

Team Teaching with Donna Weinbrecht and Picabo Street!

Well, my weekend certainly shaped up! Of course, you never want to get a booking this way, (and no, it was NOT a "Showgirls" moment...) My lovely friend Megan Harvey became temporarily sidelined and asked if I'd take a booking for her. Sure! I'd love to!

Turns out the booking is two and a half days guiding and team teaching for the US Ski Team's Powder Girls, a group of women who make a donation to the US ski team and then get to ski with four retired gold medal athletes (Picabo Street, Donna Weinbrechet, Caroline LaLieve, and Jonna Mendez) and four instructors from Aspen Mountain!

Yesterday, I team taught with Caroline LaLieve, and Donna Weinbrecht. First of all, WOW. Second of all, Donna can ski ANY terrain at incredible speed with incredible precision. Katherine Fleck organizes this amazing group of women, and I had the good fortune to be teaching the hard charging group.

What a ride! More later with photos and links for more information if any of YOU would like to ski with the Athletes next year!

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