Sunday, January 3, 2010

So my Kids are here, Thriving and LOVING life

Its amazing. Its absolutely wonderful. And my mom has decided to move here permanently. And so, there you have it. We are moving all together into this beautiful cabin called The Ponds here on the ranch, there are kids Ethan and Bodhi's age who live downstairs, they all ride the bus together to school.

Three huge bedrooms, washer dryer, dishwasher, huge kitchen, a deck, and a private pond with a beach. A kids paradise.

Ethan and Bodhi are thriving, we've had minimal behavior problems, Bodhi has stopped saying he's scared, they've been sledding at the ARC, swimming in the river there, skiing with Powder Pandas, and on a playdate with a kid in Bodhi's new kindergarten class so he'll have a built in friend when he starts school on Tuesday.

They are both super excited to go to school at Aspen Elementary, which everyone raves about as an outstanding school, although they are a tiny bit nervous. Tonight, they started chanting "School! School! School!" in their room, having got each other all psyched up.

They are going to bed by themselves most nights now, and getting up and ready quickly and happily. They are adapting so very well to life here, its amazing, more than I could have hoped for to see them grow and smile and play outside. I don't own a TV and they don't miss it. Tonight they played cards together until dinner, they draw pictures or build with their Legos. There is SO much less argument and drama, and SUCH a tight family loving feeling without television or movies. Its awesome.

We are still working out how the actual eventual parenting plan will work out, but for now, the kids are thriving, and I'm happy to see it. We've fallen into a great routine, I'm up early and my mom comes over, but I'm done between noon and four depending on the client, so I'm home early. I've been meeting them at the ARC a couple of days to go swimming, and you should SEE Bodhi teaching himself to swim in the lazy river! WOW!

Its wonderful to have a full six hours or more with them a day, and on the days that I have an evening meeting, my mom is ready and willing to give them love and snuggles galore. How do I tell you how grateful I am that they can grow up here, and have her in their lives? Their cautious fear is disappearing, their adventurous spirits are emerging, and they are stepping beautifully into life! Yes!


Unknown said...

I think you guys are into great home now. It has got everything in its surroundings. It is just like another top ski resort in that place.

OMDS said...

Skiing at home! What a great idea. Keep up the good work.