Friday, February 1, 2008

Adventure Women RULE!

Well, its been an amazing week. I was lucky enough to ski all week with a group of women visiting Montana on an Adventure Women trip.

When my girls came to me, one was in a wedge, and the other two were linking a series of hockey stops on groomed green and easy blue terrain. All of them had the same concern: we feel like we are always out of control. By the end of this week, not only were they dancing in a conga line, but they were skiing AMAZINGLY on Black Diamonds!

WELCOME TO THE BLACK DIAMOND CLUB! Caroline, Anne and Patty, you guys were too fun to ski with. You guys are tough, funny, fun and too too hardcore. (-4 degrees and snowing sideways, anyone??) I had a blast, and I am so proud of you for taking risks, and changing your skiing! WELL DONE!

See you next year!


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