Sunday, February 3, 2008

I didn't break my face!

So yesterday, after skiing really hard and seeing if I really could tip my ski over on its edge (wow, I don't think I've ever gone that fast and felt in control!), I skied down the cat track under Pierre's Knob chair. There is a little kicker jump on the cat track there, which I'd skied off four or five times that day, and something went weird, and I went off the jump and the next thing I remember, I was sitting cross legged in the middle of the run with no skis on.

I asked Alyssa, "am I bleeding?" and she said no, and then I asked her if I had all my teeth. Yes. Excellent. Apparently I did a big belly flop, landed on my chin to stop myself. Apparently I didn't skid or slide at all, just WHAM! Thank GOODNESS the snow was soft or I would have broken my jaw, a rib, and my right arm at least.

Today, my jaw is swollen and sore to open, and the rest of my body feels a bit like I hit a brick wall, but I feel okay, and I'm alive. Tom's kinda pissed, but we went to the Bozeman Hot Springs last night (after a course of ibuprophen, darvocet and beer), and then I felt MUCH better, so we gorged ourselves on sushi at Dave's in town. Ahhhhh...

Let the insanity begin, I leave for Red Lodge at 4 today for the Level 2 prep clinic!!

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