Sunday, February 10, 2008

Hard to Post at 100 mph...

Hi! So we have been going non stop for... I forget how long. Since the adventure women started. My email is stacking up. My REGULAR mail is stacking up! I got some great pics of the Level 3 prep, and today is the last day. I'll try to get the posts written tonight in the car on the way to Aspen, where Shannon and I are going to ski with Megan Harvey and Andy Docken of the D team for a few days. Ahhhhh... I also have a hop turn epiphany to share, but I need five seconds to sit down to write it down!!

In the few minutes that I have before they pick me up to drive to Moonlight, I want to say THANK YOU to Liat, who has coordinated all the babysitting, and who has been watching Ethan and Bodhi (who are both sick sick sick with a nasty chesty cough and low fever)and to Tom, who did the same, while sick himself. Tom also put me back together when I was so so rattled and freaked out by a strange tune on my skis, and I wouldn't have skied well at all yesterday if it weren't for that. Thanks, babe!!

More soon!

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