Thursday, February 7, 2008

For Now This Will Have To Do!

I'm studying, so I don't have time to post all the amazing photos from the very VERY fun time that was my Level 2 test clinic, but let me put it this way: today, my first day back, I skied Test Face, Bull Chute, Exit Chute and a bunch more gnarly steep stuff AND I SKIED IT WELL!! (for me) YAY! I actually made linked turns! FINALLY! Steve Hill, you are a genius. Of course, at 3:45 after hiking up the high traverse four times, I skied Bronco face under the lift while the freakin' examiners were riding up and basically looked like a wet noodle on skis. BUT I DON"T CARE!! HAHAHAHAHA!

Here, you can see a picture of Steve and his incredible instruction in action:

And this is what happens when Ski Instructors have prep clinics that overlap Fat Tuesday:

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