Sunday, February 3, 2008

On the way to Red Lodge….

Superbowl 42 was happening while Randy Wall, Joe Newcomb and I were driving to Red Lodge for our Level 2 prep clinic. And we are thinking to ourselves, well.. at least we can hear the game on the radio. Of course, we get to Absaroka and loose the radio station with 3 minutes to go!

But we drove by the Chrome bar and errrrr! Pulled over to watch the last three minutes. Grabbed a beer and watched David Tyree bring what turned into the game winning catch for the New York Giants down on his HEAD! Unbelievable. Incredible. It got close, the Giants scored with 35 seconds to go, and the bar went INSANE. I guess it was full of Giants fans, no? We were pretty sure Tom Brady would make an amazing drive in the last 35 seconds, but five Hail Mary passes later… and the Giants win it. We were in the bar just long enough to drink a beer and watch the end, pee and get back on the road. What a game! WHAT A GAME!!

Stay tuned, fun and excitement ot the Level 2 prep clinic coming up!

Links to Red Lodge, Absaroka, Chrome Bar, Level 2, photo of Randy and Joe in the bar.

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