Friday, October 16, 2009

Goodbye, Whitefish. T-16 days till the move to Aspen

This is my 1000th post! Can you believe it? And it marks an important milestone in the move to Aspen, in about an hour I'm hopping in my car to go say goodbye to Mike and his kids. I'm not sure when we'll see each other again, maybe Thanksgiving, possibly not till Christmas.

Leaving is hard, leaving my kids, leaving Montana, leaving this new love, leaving his kids, leaving my home, leaving Bridger Bowl, leaving my kids, leaving my business, leaving my friends, leaving my kids, leaving my kids.

So I'm trying to take it one good-bye at a time. And this next few days, while doors are opening in front of me (I'm now officially writing for Ski!) and I'm moving through them gladly, I want to be sure that I am HERE NOW to experience every moment of the next sixteen days. (While packing, raising money, tying up loose ends, and spending time with my kids.)

Goodbye Whitefish, Mike, Marley, Ethan and Cyrus. It was a magical summer, and I can't wait to see you all in Aspen at Christmas!


Anonymous said...

Kate - no comments, but a question or two..
There's a Ladie's Night at the mtn. I teach at in MA., coming up in November. It's all about getting them in and preparing them for a new season,with ideas and success-oriented info, aimed at never-evers to pros..
I mentioned you & your blog to the Retail guy there who runs this gig, and he thought that a 5 minute talk - about you & your goals - might be appropriate and fun for the women who attend, to hear.
Of course, since I mentioned your blog, I was appointed to the task.
So, Q. #1 - What do you feel is the most important and relevant info about you, that I should mention about you, your quest, and your life?
Q.#2 - What drwas you to skiing? Why is it your life blood?
Q.#3 - Do you mind that this is happening? I think you'd appreciate the exposure, but just making sure..
Thanks, Kate - I am still reading and absorbaing every word!

a said...

Hey, Darcy! email me here at kate howe at mac dot com and lets chat! I'm flattered, thanks for doing the talk! Sorry I just saw the comment, hope you still have time to put the talk together!