Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Costume Contest!

Did you party down with your bad self last night? I didn't get the chance to dress up this year, let me live vicariously though you! Email me photos to katehowe at mac dot com! I'll post em and we'll vote!

Happy Halloween! PS spent the day playing with the boys, looks like I'll be driving out Monday morning rather than tomorrow.


Jongira said...

Halloween = Samhain = Celtic New Year... Happy New Year to you, costumed or costume-less, may the new year bring you all you desire.

- J

Jo said...

I think you made a wonderful decision. Spending time with your kid-o's is more important than driving. Have a safe trip when you make it. Montana misses you already. Also, my costume was a little lame so I will save you the email.