Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sponsored by The Stone Clinic!

YES!!! YES YES YES! I've been emailing these guys on and off for about a year, they are the cutting edge of athlete rehabilitation! Their goal is to make you stronger, fitter, and better than you were before you were injured.

My thought, in contacting these guys, was that I have some old injuries, and an old(er) body, and that I'd like my body to be as physically healthy as it can be so that it can not only stand but THRIVE in the intense training environment I'm about to enter. So I want to feed it right, and strengthen my joints, ligaments, muscles... core!!

So I sent them another email asking if they'd be willing to remote train me, and they said... YES!

They are currently putting together a training program that will probably feature the Skier's Edge machine in my workouts, plus nutrition and supplements and who knows what else! I am about to get schooled by some of the nations top experts on making athletes as strong and resilient as they can be!

And you guys will benefit from it, because I'm going to post what I learn right here! YAY!!!

Welcome to the team, Dr. Stone and Staff, and thanks so much for helping me get another HUGE step closer to my goal!!

Check out the Stone Clinic HERE.

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