Sunday, August 17, 2008

All tucked in at the Mt. Hood Inn

Wow, That turned out to be more epic than any of us expected! We left at 8, expecting the kids to fall asleep, drive till 3, find a hotel, and start again around 9. But, as you can see, EVERY hotel from Misoula to Portland was SOLD OUT. I'm not kidding. There was one room in Spokane for $189. But obviously, that's a bit above our budget! We drove through the night, ending up in Hood River 12 hours later.

I stopped at Jeremy's house and picked up my skis, and if I were, you know, cool at all, I'd be like, ya, so I have my skis. But I'm a big geek, so lets be real: HOLY CRAP THEY ARE AWESOME!

We killed time in Government Camp until Bob Olsen at Alpine Racing Center got in, and then he mounted them up for me in about ten seconds flat. We had a great (short) chat, because, honestly, I'm not firing on all cylanders right now, being really sleepy, and the boys decided to get locked in the stairwell while I was across the street, but it was great to meet him, I learned a couple of tricks (put your ski strap on right side up so they can read your sponsor's name while you are on the podium...) and then we made the five trips up the stairs with all our gear and moved in.

The Mt. Hood Inn seems like a great fit, with a good discount for the Fuxi camp, a nice big room that backs up to a running creek, fridge, microwave, dvd player, free WiFi, a hot tub and free breakfast in the morning. OH, there are also ski lockers and access to a TUNING ROOM! Which is exciting. I may be stalking Mr. Olsen a bit for more ski tuning lessons...

I'm excited to be here, pscyhed to get on the snow, a little worried about the POC gear, which hasn't got here yet, but I don't think I'll be running into gates tomorrow morning yet... and grateful that the boys let me take a 2 hour nap this afternoon while they watched the Olympics and worked on their Legos.

My mom comes in at 7:15 tonight, and we have a camp meeting at 8, so... looking for a babysitter as the boys are kind of psychotically tired... but I think the drama is behind us and good things are ahead!

Thanks again, Bob!

OOH... Bonus pics... my sister found these on line from Vlad at Academy this year! I finally learned how to do a tip stand!! YAY!

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