Monday, August 11, 2008

Everything I've Learned So Far... All about Socks, Blisters, and Long Johns

I've been wanting to get started on this segment for a long time, since I basically learned how to ski two seasons ago (I THOUGHT I knew how, turns out, no, I had a killer hockey stop at the end of a sketchy, out of control run... who knew?), I thought it would be fun to keep track of all the things that stick in my head as useful tips. I'll have to go back through all the posts I've written so far to tag the appropriate ones with "everything I've learned so far", but meanwhile, look for these to pop up occasionally.

First in the series?

DON'T TUCK your LONG UNDERWEAR into your ski boots.
taught to me by Shannon Griffen of Bridger Bowl, MT

Here's the funny thing, I was so so SO very proud of my ability to carefully layer my ski socks with my long underwear in a way that there was NO wrinkling, my layering system was complicated and I was proud of it.

I did this all the days I skied as a kid, and then all the days I boarded as a teen, and, well, all the way up until the MIDDLE of LAST season when Shannon was watching me get ready one morning, and she said, "Kate, WHAT are you doing??"

Notes for how to do it properly:
1. Wear recreational socks to the mountain, so you don't start your day with sweaty feet and wet socks.

2. Dry your feet, maybe even use a little baby powder on them.

3. Put on ONE pair of clean, dry ski socks. If you get blisters, see a bootfitter, like Brent Amsbury of Park City Pedorthics, or, use a blister block and some Ampoules (the GREATEST BLISTER BAND AID EVER).

4. Cuff your long underwear just above the calf so they overlap the top of your sock, but don't go down into your boots. Or, better yet, buy SmartWool's new Capri length long underwear that's just right!

5. Congratulations, you are one step closer to being less of a goober!

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