Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Any Excuse to Quit: Or, Assume the Position of Someone Who is Excited to do This!

We've all been there, even on a day when we feel psyched to go play. I woke up on Saturday morning, and the VERY first thought I had was... I could just NOT go for a hike, and instead stay home and make pancakes.

And I actually DID lay back down for about a minute. And then I thought, this is ridiculous. Yes, you didn't sleep much last night, but COME ON! You'll be psyched once you start. Then I pictured myself hiking in the hot sun, and that just seemed like hard work, so I immediately took back THAT awful visual and replaced it with getting my coffee first. Ahhh, that will be nice.

Out the door I go. I drove to my FAVORITE coffee in the WORLD so far, The Daily Coffee on the corner of Oak and Rousse. I got my latte, an incredible vegi burrito for the top of the mtn, and a raspberry coconut scone of DOOM. I felt happy.

I started driving towards the M, and for some reason in my mind, I was picturing loving the drive through Bridger Canyon, savoring my coffee. Maybe its because I spend almost my entire Bridger Bowl paycheck during the ski season getting coffee at the daily EVERY morning, and then savoring it while watching the Alpen Glo.

So I was SURPRISED when I remembered that the M was right there, I didn't get to go through the canyon after all. I wasn't READY to hike! I was thinking I had like 20 more minutes of wake up time! Maybe I won't go after all.

Well THAT's insane. But the thought was there. Then, OH JOY! There are cars everywhere, all down the road, and the M lot is packed. I pulled up and hopped out. I walked up to a race volunteer. "Is the Ridge Run today?" I asked. Yup. "So its probably not a good idea for me to go hike up to Baldy and be swimming up stream, huh?" I asked, hopefully.

"Oh, no! They'd probably love it! That's great! Have a good hike!".

Crap. So much for that, now I HAVE to go. Here is the insane part: I like hiking! I was happy to go!

I schlepped back to my car, and just started putting my gear on. Assume the position of someone who is excited to go for a hike this morning. Put your gear on in a happy, energetic way. Put on your iPod. Lets DO THIS.

I asked the volunteers if they needed anything trucked up to Baldy, and hit the trail. Of course, immediately I felt better. The second I started walking. And then my phone rang, and sometimes, if its a friend, or a client, I'll answer even if I'm hiking... so I did. And I hiked right past all the places that I usually complain in my head, because I was chatting on the phone. Okay, I know its gross to talk on your phone while you are hiking, but HEY, at least I was HIKING!

I got to the ridge in record time for me: 40 minutes flat, feeling good, strong and happy.

You never ever know which days will be days full of energy. I have found that constantly coaching yourself into a place where you keep asking yourself for more, for positivity, to reexamine the way you are feeling, to make a different choice, to give yourself a chance opens doors that would otherwise be BOLTED shut.

Assume the position. Assume the position of someone who knows how to ski! Assume the position of someone who is confident. Your body language can help inspire your own true feelings to follow. I'm not suggesting you lie or pretend, I'm suggesting you put your body in a posture of success, and open your heart to the possibility that you might succeed, and boy, that might feel really good!!


Anonymous said...

You are looking so fit and wonderful. Keep it up!

a said...

Thank you so much! I feel healthy, which is a very nice feeling. Now its time to get STRONG! Thanks for your encouragement, it helps!!