Thursday, August 28, 2008

Video: Day 2 of Slalom Training!

Learning to hit the gates, stay open to the hill, keep the outside ski weighted. The difference between this day and the next is INCREDIBLE! Dave gave such specific pinpoint feedback and a plan to get there!!


Liat said...

Wow it is so cool to see video of you! I've been waiting to see some for so long! Do you have video of Day 3? I can't wait until Bridger opens!

a said...

We didn't shoot any video on the last day, we were busy with the timing device and so on, unfortunately. But my very first run of the last day felt SO different! And I skied up to Dave and he looked at me and said, "That was good skiing right there. You got a little bucked, but that's slalom, you got right back in it. Good skiing. Solid." WHOOP WHOOP!!

Liat said...

Hi! Where have you been?

Anne said...

Woo hoo! Nice turns! I would love to do a ski camp at Mt. Hood some summer - would you recommend it?

Also, did you find a Montessori school for Bodhi? If not, you should check out Sourdough. I'm sure there's a waiting list, but spots do open up. It's crazy to think that preschools have such long waiting lists.

I love reading about your adventures in life and skiing - you rock!


a said...

Hey, Anne!
I'm sorry I somehow missed this lovely comment! I did, indeed find a preschool for Bodhi, he is at Middle Creek Montessori near Four Corners, and we couldn't be happier with it, its terrific.

Thanks for the kind comments, and YES!! Get thee to Hood, its terrific, and DL's camp will accommodate your skiing no matter the level you are at, I can't TELL you what a huge effect its had on my overall skiing! Its amazing!!

Thanks for stopping by and reading!!