Thursday, August 7, 2008

Permission to Let Go of Desire, Ambition, Anxiety, Fear. Time to FOCUS.

You've trained. You've trained however you trained and now, it's race day. You are at the top of your gnarly single track downhill (if you are a SuperHot chick like Aspen's Rachel Bauer), and you feel... hope that you will perform well, anxiety that you won't, desire to win, fear of failure... all of these emotions are distracting to the task at hand. What's the task at hand?

Do you really believe that suddenly you will gain skills that you didn't have before? BUT, if you let go of hope (does that sound strange?) and let go of desire, and let go of judgment and let go of anything that anticipates what IS TO COME, and FOCUS on the fact that you are ENOUGH, you have BROUGHT WHAT YOU'VE GOT, you may just perform better than you've ever performed in your life.

This moment, right now. What is happening? What is your goal? Ride with power focusing on the trail in front of you, feel your body and the bike moving under you. Be HERE now, not further down the trail at the element that worries you, but totally focused in the now, believing in the skills you brought with you. They will either be enough, or they won't.

The new HardHead T: I brought what I've got.

And if you train HardHead, what you've GOT is A LOT!

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