Wednesday, April 1, 2009

14 hours to go, Pointers from Brent to the rescue...

A couple of things, I just found this quote, which I love:

"The limit at any given time is really only a taboo which can be shifted so that we slowly move toward what is absolutely impossible, something nobody can reach but which is the magic point that keeps adventure and uncertainty alive." --R. Messner

AND, I got a lovely note from Squatty and Weems, and a great message from Megan... my mom called, my sister called, my cousin tweeted me from Austria... and my Facebook friends have been boosting my confidence all day long! Thanks, guys!

I just got this email from Brent Amsbury, my amazing bootfitter of doooom, with some very sage advice...

Just a couple of pointers from my old coaching days....


Begin hydrating big time, tension makes you perspire, so load up starting 24 hours in advance.

Check your gear. Wax em, and make sure your binding tension is correct, especially forward pressure.

Get rest, even if it means just sitting or laying down.


Break out of your morning rituals. Do the same things you do every morning. Break the ritual and your run the risk of seriously
amplifying performance anxiety.

Ski for the audience, ski for yourself only. It's just you and the mountain out there as far as the universe is concerned.

Forget to have's the whole reason why we do this

Now go kick some ass!


Awesome!Good things to remember for sure. I am feeling really tired right now, a bit worn out for some reason, so I'm laying out all my stuff for tomorrow, getting the kids in bed and going to sleep myself shortly! I'll tweet from the ridge or Slauchmans if I get up there (That's the only place there's cell service) otherwise, more updates tomorrow night.

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